Diet-Friendly Dessert: Chocolate filled Raspberries

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I follow what I like to call the "Best of Both Worlds" diet. Basically what that entails is sticking to a certain caloric intake during the week (eating mainly lean proteins and leafy greens) and once the weekend arrives, I let myself enjoy the finer things in life -- like pizza and chocolate cake.

When I first devised this plan I was having trouble sticking to the weekday portion because I am the type of person who NEEDS something sweet after every meal. I needed something that was both satisfying and diet friendly. I did some research and found this little gem of a recipe. And it's insanely simple to make.

What you'll need:
Handful of fresh raspberries (20-25)
One tablespoon semi-sweet chocolate chips (about 23 chips)
*Can substitute dark, milk or white chocolate chips too!

Pop one chocolate chip into each raspberry and voila! A figure-friendly dessert that only has 95 calories!

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