Great workweek lunch spot: Freshii!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I work in the Financial District of Boston and I'm usually pretty good about bringing my own lunch in most days. That way I can control my calorie intake... not to mention it's much cheaper than buying something every day. But by the time Friday rolls around, Lean Cuisine sounds repulsive and a salad just won't cut it. Plus I've worked hard all week and want to reward myself. You totally get it, right?

While there are a bunch of decent sit-down restaurants near my office, it's a rare occasion when I actually get a full hour so I'm usually in search of something quick... and good. And affordable, filling, healthy, and so on. Too much to ask? Not anymore.

Enter: Freshii. Located at 100 High Street in Boston, they're a welcome addition to the downtown lunch scene. What I enjoy most about Freshii is that their menu is completely customizable. In fact it's encouraged! You can order one of their signature salads, burritos or rice bowls OR (get this) you can create your own! I know you can do that at any old salad or sandwich joint but Freshii offers more options. Brown rice, rice noodles, soups, sandwiches and salads... Then you get to decide what you want in them, what size portion you want and if you want them to go heavy or light on the dressing. They also have frozen yogurt with a bunch of mix-ins... fresh fruits, coconut, oreos, you name it.

Tip: Grab one of their Freshii cards... buy 9 lunches and the 10th is on them. I normally toss cards like this right in the trash but I kept this one because I liked the food so much and know it won't take me long to fill it up.

Not in Boston? No problem. They have locations all over the US. Check out their website for addresses.

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