Restaurant Review: All Seasons Table

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boston has plenty of amazing restaurants and I still have a long list of places I'm dying to try... But sometimes I just need to get out of the city. Is that weird? Maybe it has something to do with my small-town roots. Either way, exploring the 'burbs one restaurant at a time has been a recent hobby of mine.

One of my favorite finds so far is All Seasons Table located at 64 Pleasant Street in Malden. A year ago I wouldn't have been able to find Malden on a map. Now that I've broadened my horizons, I've found a restaurant that offers delicious food and the perfect backdrop for both nights out with the girls AND romantic date nights with your significant other.

On certain nights they have a jazz band playing in the main dining room. The music is soothing and the ideal volume for enjoying the music or carrying on a conversation. They recently expanded and added a second "room" to incorporate more seating. Along with more seating, they added a second bar and sushi bar in this room. The decor is simple and inviting. There are bonsai trees and Asian sculptures scattered around but they do not overwhelm the space.

Their menu is lengthy, but there is something for everyone. All Seaons Table offers Pan-Asian dishes such as Basil Duck with Chili Thai sauce along with more American favorites like crab rangoon and sesame chicken. They also have a full sushi bar with plenty amazing choices. Call me boring, but my favorite is the spicy tuna roll. It's fresh and delicious and I've never been disappointed with a meal here. If you like spice, get the spicy edamame. They are the perfect (healthy!) appetizer. I also happen to LOVE the pineapple fried rice. Not exactly the healthiest option, but sooo yummy and totally worth the calories.

Now for the mai tais. Oh my are they amazing. I used to think all mai tais were created equally but not so at this place. I don't know what they do differently but one sip and I swear, you could easily close your eyes and wake up on the beaches of [insert favorite tropical destination here.]

Note: For those of you who think the mai tai is a "girly" drink -- order the Man's Mai Tai. And then tell me just how manly you were while dealing with your hangover the next day.

Malden is only a quick five mile ride from downtown Boston. Or a 10 minute ride on the Orange Line, if you dare.

Next time you're craving sushi or Chinese food, resist the urge to order in... Make the drive to Malden and you won't be disappointed, I promise!

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