Christmas in New York

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

As promised, here are a few pictures from my recent trip to NY! The city is absolutely intoxicating this time of year. I love it! I also can't wait to share my fabulous clothing finds that I picked up while I was there. I mean what's a trip to NYC without some shopping, right?

1.) Taylor & I at lunch
2.) Holiday scene in front of Fox Studios
3.) THE tree @ Rockefeller Center
4.) Another shot of Taylor & I
5.) Window displays @ Saks
6.) Christmas lights @ Radio City
7.) Rocky: 1, Taylor: 0
8.) Carriage ride around Central Park

So as you can see, we hit every single tourist trap while we were there. Even though I was born and raised in Central New York and have visited the city many, many times, I still love to walk around and see all the sights New York has to offer around Christmastime. What is your favorite part about New York?

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