Outfit Inspiration: Plaid + Cargo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some days are meant for yoga pants and your favorite sweatshirt. But when that get-up won't cut it for the errands you have to run, fear not. That's why the Fashion Gods created the stretchy cargo pants. They're comfy with enough give that even after you indulge in your favorite cupcake(s), you won't be so uncomfortable that you give up on errands all together.

I got the idea for this outfit from a picture of Charlize Theron. I'd like to imagine she was having one of the aforementioned lazy days and wore this:

And here is my version:

Plaid shirt: AE; Sweater: Macy's; Cargo Pants: AE; Booties: Urban Outfitters

What's your favorite go-to outfit for those days when you need to strike a balance between comfort and looking cute?



  1. Cute outfit! Mine would be: my vintage plaid flannel and my DIY dipped jeans or some jeggings since I lack in the cargo department. And I'd pair those with my Dr. Martens or Nike high tops. It's more of a cute tomboy-ish look.

    Love your cargo pants though!

    xx Jacqueline


  2. You look super chic! Love the layers. My go-to look is skinny jeans with ankle boots and an oversize sweater or top. Happy new year to you!

  3. nice look !


  4. Awesome ideas put together i find here.


  5. I just found your blog and I love how you got inspiration and made this your own. The plaid is perfect on you, very pretty pics. I usually go for skinny jeans, boots and a sweater when I need some comfort. Great post,

    Following you now
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time stop by :) Happy New Year


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