Easy Steak & Cheese Pizza

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm heading up to Maine this weekend to see a few of my favorite people in the world -- my cousin Kimberly, her husband, and their three amazing (and energetic) children. It happens to be her birthday tomorrow so we're having an "adult" night out but Saturday night will be spent making our own pizzas. This is such a fun activity for kids because they can make their own personal masterpiece based on what ingredients they like.

I plan to make my signature Easy Steak & Cheese Pizza. And maybe if everyone is lucky enough, I'll even share a slice.

 Left: Easy Chicken Pesto Pizza (recipe HERE) Right: Easy Steak & Cheese Pizza

What You'll Need:
One ready-made pizza crust (I like Boboli)
3-4 tablespoons spicy mayo (sriracha and light mayo mixed together)
1 package Steak-Umms, fully cooked
1 package shredded cheese of your choice (I used Monterey Jack)
Banana peppers
Optional: red onions

Preheat oven to 450F. Cook Steak-Umms according to directions on box, set aside. Spread spicy mayo on crust, top with cheese. Add steak and peppers and bake for 8-10 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted. *Make sure the cheese layer completely covers the mayo, otherwise it will burn. 


Happy Thursday!

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

1.) D&G Floral Print Cotton Pant

I'm totally in love with floral prints right now. Together, these pieces look like they belong on the walls of your grandmother's guest bedroom that hasn't seen the light of day since 1963. But separately, and paired with other simple pieces to anchor the look, you have a perfect, on-trend outfit. 

I can't wait to pair the Topshop bustier with a high-waisted pleated skirt. I also love the J.Crew floral peplum shirt with a pair of white straight-leg jeans. The jean shorts are great for a casual day on the beach when paired with a tank and cute flat sandals.

Do you love the floral trend? How would you wear these pieces?


Mom's No-Bake Cookies

Monday, March 26, 2012

There are few things in the world I love more than this cookie. It features the best flavor combination known to mankind -- chocolate & peanut butter. AND it's simple to make. What could be better? Well, maybe eating it on a blanket underneath the Eiffel Tower while wearing a pair of Louboutins. That's about it.

What You'll Need
In a large bowl:
3 cups quick oats
3/4 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup cocoa powder

In a saucepan:
2 cups sugar
stick of butter
1/2 cup milk
pinch salt

Bring saucepan ingredients to a full point for exactly one minute (over medium-high heat). Add contents of bowl to saucepan and add 1 tsp good vanilla extract. Mix well and spoon cookies onto wax paper to set. 


5 Things

Friday, March 23, 2012

1.) My first Dark & Stormy of the season -- complete with green cherries for St. Patty's Day

2.) The creators of this cereal had me in mind. No, seriously.

3.) Knuckle rings & Essie Turquoise and Caicos

4.) Rooting for your fave NCAA team in the form of cute accessories (Go Cuse!)

5.) The most amazing gooey, crunchy, melty, creamy brownie sundae you could ever imagine. EVER.

Happy Friday my loves!

Lemon-Scented Mascarpone Trifle

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The unseasonably warm weather we've been having this week has summer on my brain. One of my favorite summertime recipes is this Lemon-Scented Mascarpone Trifle from Giada de Laurentiis. If you know me, you know I'm legit ob-sessed with the Food Network and have been since its creation in the early '90s. I've tried countless recipes from the Food Network folks but one of my favorite chefs to date has to be Giada. Her recipes are so simple and full of fresh, delicious ingredients. This one is no different and it's the perfect ending to any warm-weather meal.

 Photo from FoodNetwork.com

What You'll Need:
1/2 cup sugar
1 lemon, juiced
16 oz. mascarpone
1 store bought Angel food cake
1/2 cup creme de cassis
2 cups quartered strawberries (fresh)
1 cup cool whip

Directions: (I've made a few adjustments)
Macerate strawberries in a few teaspoons of granulated sugar. Let sit in the fridge. Cook lemon juice and sugar over medium heat until dissolved. Let cool completely. Stir lemon syrup into mascarpone and cool whip and mix until smooth. Brush Angel food cake with liqueur and layer with cream and strawberries. Repeat layers and top with final layer of cream and fresh strawberries. Garnish with fresh mint leaves if desired. Let trifle sit in the fridge for one hour before serving.

Enjoy with your favorite summer cocktail!

Flower Power

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was on the hunt for the perfect floral blouse and finally located it at Zara for $40! (Buy it here!) I love the contrast of the bright colors against the navy blue background. I paired it with pink skinnies for an early dinner date but also plan on tucking it into a kelly green skirt for days at the office.

Blouse: Zara; Skinny Jeans: Zara; Heels: Charles David; Watch: Michael Kors; Bangles: Alex & Ani

What do you think of my floral shirt? Do you love it or do I look like I should be touring the islands of Hawaii?


100th Post!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I started this blog six months ago as a way for me to get back to my journalistic roots and express myself through the clothes I wear, the recipes I love and whatever other little tidbits of my life I decided to share. My friends and family are spread all over the US (and abroad -- miss you Dana!) and I initially assumed they would be the only ones reading it. I never could have imagined that L's Fashion Dish would grow this much in six short months. I appreciate every single comment, sponsorship and page view that I've received. More than you know!

Thank you to all the other amazing bloggers out there who have taken the time to read my blog and leave such thoughtful, positive comments. And to my boyfriend/photog, for not only going through the motions with me but being genuinely interested in my blog and supporting me 100%. Here's to the next 100 posts!


Hello Spring!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great St. Patty's Day weekend. How amazing is this weather we're having? If it weren't for my allergies wreaking havoc on my life yesterday, I would have spent the entire day outdoors. My wonderful photog "J" snapped these pictures during a stroll at Admiral's Hill in Chelsea, MA. I love the view of Boston from up there.

Blouse: Madewell; Shorts: Anthropologie (here); Flats: Zara; Watch: Michael Kors; 
Bangles: Alex & Ani; Polish: Essie Turquoise & Caicos

The winner of the Viola Jane giveaway is Louis! Congrats! I hope you enjoy the sequin collar as much as I have.


Everybody Loves an Irish Girl!

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Day
In this set:
Clockwise from left

St. Patrick's Day is one of those fun holidays where even those who aren't Irish enjoy dressing the part. You can go all out, or as I like to do, incorporate one or two green pieces into my outfit. 

Being part of the St. Patty's Day fun doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! Mint denim is everywhere right now. What's better than showcasing them on a holiday where even the beer is green?

Don't want to resemble the Green Monster? Pop an emerald statement necklace over an everyday outfit and you're instantly back in the game. 

Erin go Bragh!

GIVEAWAY: Win a handmade collar necklace by Viola Jane Designs! NOW CLOSED

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Enter to win this adorable scalloped gold sequin collar by doing the following:
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Weekend Wandering

We snapped these photos on Sunday after a nice bike ride through Arlington & Lexington, MA. It was our first time renting bikes but we had a blast and will be doing it again soon. Who knew 12 miles would fly by so quickly! I was definitely feeling it in my legs the next day though. 

Our winter here in Boston was very mild. But that didn't make me any less excited for the first signs of spring. I couldn't wait to ditch the heavy jacket and wear a few cozy layers for our excursion on Sunday.

Sweater: Anthropologie; Striped Tee: H&M; Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Sperry; Sunnies: Tory Burch
Watch: Michael Kors; Bangles: Alex & Ani

Don't forget to enter my Viola Jane giveaway to win the adorable gold sequin collar necklace HERE! Only 3 days left!

Happy Wednesday loves!

Healthy Breakfast: Peanut Butter Banana Waffle Sandwichces

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I struggle with snacking my way through the workday. I try so hard to make healthy choices but those usually leave me starving after just a couple hours. Luckily I found this healthy solution: Peanut Butter Banana Waffle Sandwiches. I typically eat breakfast around 8am. And instead of ravaging my snack drawer around 11am, I was full clear until 1pm! Score!

  Picture from Google Images

What You'll Need:
2 Eggo NutriGrain Low-Fat Waffles
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 small banana

Toast the waffles, smear one tablespoon of peanut butter on each waffle, slice the banana, assemble the sandwich and voila! A 430-calorie breakfast that won't leave you searching for more food an hour later.

What's your trick to staying full without consuming a ton of calories? 

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Viola Jane Giveaway NOW CLOSED

Monday, March 12, 2012

There's nothing I love more than being able to spice up tired blouses and sweaters with cute new accessories. And this gold sequin collar necklace from Viola Jane Designs is the perfect little number for the job.

  Sweater: Ben Sherman (old); Jeans: Gap; Collar: Viola Jane Designs; Flats: Steve Madden
Clutch: F21; Bracelets: F21, Bobbles & Lace Boston

Viola pulls her inspiration from having previously lived in New York City as well as her location for the past four years, Tuscany, Italy. She loves using vintage buttons and pieces of silk she finds in tiny antique shops. She designs these necklaces for the fun, trendy girls who want an alternative to the bib necklace or classic choker.

Enter to win this adorable scalloped gold sequin collar by doing the following:
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Insta-Linds Part 3

Friday, March 9, 2012

If you don't already follow me on Instagram, what are you waiting for?! I love to share pictures of my favorite meals, outfit details and of course my precious kitty Marley. (Yes, true crazy cat lady here... I have a shin-length, pink & purple nightgown proclaiming my love for cats to prove it. Thank you, bff E.)

Here are a few of my most recent shots:

1.) Strawberry Coconut Froyo from Freshii
2.) Madison Elizabeth clutch (check her out on Etsy!
3.) Chocolate everything at Anthem Kitchen & Bar
4.) Madison Elizabeth clutch & Zara heels
5.) Tumble jeans from Paige
6.) Christina M. Boutique bracelet (also check her out on Etsy!)
7.) My little cuddlebug
8.) Snapshot from the Donkey Show
9.) Steak & Potato Pizza

You can find me on Instagram @LsFashionDish (or click the button on my sidebar!) Also feel free to leave me your Instagram handle, I love finding new and interesting people to follow. 


Mint Candy Apple

Thursday, March 8, 2012

No, this post isn't dedicated to the Essie polish of the same name that everyone and their sister has been sporting as of late. But rather my interpretation of the name. I never thought to pair mint with red before but I think it works. And without looking too Christmas-y. Success!

Blouse: Zara; Red cords: F21; Two-tone flats: Zara; Bag: Gucci
Bangles: Alex & Ani; Watch: Michael Kors

Do you think these colors work well together? What are your favorite unexpected color combinations? 


Lemon Salad

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You're probably asking yourself the same thing I did when I first heard the words "Lemon Salad". Will I be eating slices of lemons? What else is in the salad? This doesn't make sense... But after one bite, I realized it made perfect sense.

We got together with some friends Sunday evening for a fun "family" dinner. The couple that hosted us cooked a delicious meal which included aforementioned salad. 

It is as simple as pouring freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil over your favorite greens. (Approximately 1/2 cup EVOO and 1 cup lemon juice) You can also shave some Parmesan cheese over the top if you wanted to fatten it up a bit, but honestly it's perfectly yummy on its own. And hello, very low in calories!

Picture from Google Images

I will definitely be adding this to our healthy recipe rotation. On second thoughts, maybe I'll have it for dinner tonight... Thank you Marisa & Joe (And Joe's Nannie) for the introduction to this new dish!

Happy Wednesday loves!

Viola Jane

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

About a month ago, I wrote a post about my love for Peter Pan collars (see it here) and I mentioned an exciting opportunity to showcase two GORGEOUS handmade collar necklaces.

Here is the first one from Viola Jane Designs Etsy shop. It's a beautiful grey studded collar with a black rhinestone and gorgeous black ribbon bow. I love that you can wear it with the bow in the back OR in the front for more of an old-world vibe. 

T: Victoria's Secret; Collar: Viola Jane Designs; Plum cords: 7 for all Mankind; Boots: Ralph Lauren;
Jacket: J.Crew; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Sunnies: Tory Burch

Stay tuned to catch a glimpse at the other collar and to enter to WIN a Viola Jane collar of your very own! 


Weekend Highlights

Monday, March 5, 2012

This past weekend was so much fun. Unfortunately I'm still paying for the lack of sleep but it was well worth it. 

J and I went out for sushi on Friday night -- I had been craving it all week so we went to one of our favorite places All Seasons Table (check out my restaurant review here!) 

Saturday night was my dear friend Christopher's birthday outing. We had dinner and cocktails at 28 Degrees (try the Frozen Bellini!) before heading to The Donkey Show at the Oberon Theatre. This show was SO entertaining. It's essentially a nod to A Midsummer Night's Dream and Studio 54. We purchased tickets on the floor so we could be right in the middle of the madness and glitter. The disco music was perfect and we danced so much my legs are still sore.

Colorblock Heels: Zara; Chevron tights: LOFT; Dress: Zara; Clutch: Madison Elizabeth
Bracelets: Alex & Ani, F21, Bobbles & Lace Boston; Polish: Essie Tart Deco

And then there's Sunday. Oh, how I love/hate Sundays. I love that it's a day where you can and should be incredibly lazy and eat whatever you want. But then that "Sunday anxiety" creeps up when you remember that after Sunday comes the dreaded Monday. And another week full of work. Yuck!

How was your weekend? Any exciting highlights from yours?  

Until tomorrow!