Easy Berry Trifle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are you noticing a trend here with my recipes? "Easy" this, "easy" that. I love recipes that are simple yet so delicious, no one would ever guess that they only take a few ingredients and a few minutes to make.

What You'll Need:
2-3 bags of frozen berries, thawed and drained of excess juice
2 packages Cheesecake flavored instant pudding
1 tub Cool Whip
32 oz. vanilla yogurt

Mix yogurt, cool whip and pudding packets together and stir until combined. Layer cream mixture with berries. 

That's it! It was such a hit Easter Sunday that it might make an annual appearance from now on. I also used low fat, fat free and sugar free ingredients and you would never know. So not only is it yummy, it's pretty healthy too! Win-win.


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