Trend to Try: Lace Dresses

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trend to Try: Lace Dresses

Lately I've been seeing lace dresses everywhere. Well, let me rephrase: lately I've been seeing cute lace dresses everywhere. And though I've yet to purchase one, I've narrowed it down to three options, pictured above. 

First we have the Neon Lace Flippy Dress from Topshop. If I was looking to kill two trends with one dress, this would be the perfect option. I bet the picture of this dress doesn't do it justice. I can totally envision myself wearing this for a girls night out, dancing the night away with my favorite girls. Plus at $92, the price point isn't bad.

Moving onto the next option, we have the Lucille Dress from J.Crew. I love the classic and flattering shape of this one and know that I would get a ton of use out of it. I like the yellow version but the navy is so chic and could be worn into the fall as well. It's ideal for weddings, cocktail parties, and even days at the office. For $188, price per wear would make this dress 100% worth it.

Last but not least we have the Katya Lace Dress by Tibi. Oh, Tibi [insert exaggerated sigh here]. Why is everything I adore in this world made by you and therefore just out of my price range? The classic shape and beautiful cobalt blue color make me weak in the knees for this dress. The lace is so feminine and pretty. I've been known to justify worse purchases so maybe, just maybe this dress will make its way to my closet.

Would you wear a lace dress like these? If you were me, which one would you buy?



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