Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I saw this post over on Styl'n the other day and loved it so much, I had to give it a try...

eating... Multi grain cheerios and strawberries. It's disturbing how many of those little red gems I eat every week. We're talking pounds (don't judge.)

reading... Just finished reading Apron Anxiety the other day. Now I'm onto 50 Shades of Gray. I need to see what all this hype is about!

watching... The morning news. It's so depressing, kind of like Boston's forecast for the next few days.

listening to... The news. And my cat slam the cupboard door open and shut. Because that's what he does now when he's hungry. 

dreaming of... A life in which I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound.

anticipating... The return of the sun. A day of bike riding this weekend and hopefully the beach. A reunion with my best friends in July.

loving... 1960s everything -- shift dresses, mod makeup, cat eye sunglasses.

creating... This post? And maybe a delicious and indulgent nacho recipe this weekend. Will be sure to post it next week.

appreciating... Life. And that fact that a little hard work and perseverance goes a long way.

learning... To slow down. It's so easy to zip through the days and not take a moment to reflect on how lucky each of us really are. Sappy, but true.

celebrating... My baby sister growing into a beautiful woman. I can't wait to see her graduate in a few short weeks (OMG where does the time go!) and then having her join me out here in Boston for college. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for her!

What are you currently loving, etc? I'd love to see your answers!



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