Crave vs. Save

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ever walk into a store and eye a piece that you physically cannot walk away from? That's what happened to me when I spotted this leather peplum number by Rebecca Minkoff. It's like the thing developed a gravitational pull that would not let me go. 

Crave: Rebecca Minkoff via Saks

Now I've justified some ridiculous purchases in the past. But I just couldn't bring myself to spend almost $400 on a top that, even in all its buttery leather suppleness, I probably wouldn't wear more than once or twice. My inner goddess stomped her foot. (Hello, we are talking about a leather bondage-esque top. I couldn't resist the 50 Shades of Grey reference.)

And then as if the stars had aligned, I happened upon THIS just-as-cute-but-much-more-affordable version from Piperlime. Naturally, as any Pro Justifier would do, I took it as a cosmic sign that I must own this top. And bought it.

Save: Tinley Road via Piperlime

I can't wait to pair this top with pencil skirts for daytime and jeans and printed pumps for nighttime. Which top would you buy? Crave or save?



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