Guest Post: Vizio Optic’s Top Picks for Fall 2012 Eyeglasses

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello L's Fashion Dish readers! Today I'm doing something a little bit different. I've never needed glasses in my life until recently. And since I'm new to this market, I decided to invite Kristen of Vizio Optic to tell us all about the glasses that are hottest for fall. Which ones do you think would look best? Take it away, Kristen!

After a whirlwind summer of bright shades with bold personalities, the trends this fall take it down a notch by emphasizing simple and classic designs. With designer eyewear, it’s still important to choose a pair that speaks to your style and individuality, so this season we are opting for a twist on the times – elegant shapes and colors that will be flattering and fashionable for years to come, but with characteristics that make them utterly unique and contemporary.

One of the trends this fall is what’s been defined over the last few years as “the Sarah Palin.” With more elaborate geometric models coming back in style, the narrow, rectangular look is an easy way to jump on the bandwagon without seeming too trendy, since its shape is quite classic. For those who like an understated look, LINDBERG 2124 eyeglasses are a great choice – they are rimless and do not drastically change your appearance, and the earthy yellow tone of the arms is in tune with the season’s hottest colors.

Geek-chic is always in style, from the days of Buddy Holly to today’s Hollywood elite – it’s a great unisex look that has been tweaked for 2012 to include a little more character than it’s used to. Typically in black, thick-set glasses with silhouettes like the above Vue dc ROY glasses help give off the artsy, nerdy vibe. However, this style has its own unique take on the look, with a two-tone design that features a tortoise pattern along the top half. Have fun with this shape this fall and try out different colors and patterns that make this classic style a little more playful.
Even with a neutral fall color like topaz, MYKITA Wanda eyeglasses stand out thanks to their oversized frame. You’ve seen it on celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kate Upton, and Britney Spears – beautiful shapes blown up to make a bold fashion statement. MYKITA bases its frame off of this idea, keeping the frame itself thin and delicate so your aren’t overwhelming your features.

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