The Tuxedo Blazer

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blazer: c/o Flirt Catalog; Peplum Top: F21; Faux Leather Pants: H&M; Heels: Miu Miu; Watch: Michael Kors Runway; Bangles: Alex & Ani; Rings: Vintage & Tiffany's

I've been searching for the perfect tuxedo blazer for months now. After being thoroughly disappointed with versions from all my usual shopping spots, the Fashion Gods smiled down on me and sent my way. And while it's much too cold in Boston to rock the fun and flirty dresses they offer, this blazer was the perfect addition to my closet for work and play.


Winter Layers

Monday, January 28, 2013

Faux Fur Vest: BB Dakota; Blazer: Zara (old); Striped Blouse: Zara (recent); Jeans: 7FAM; Heels: Zara (on sale now!); Sunnies: Chloe

It's almost February and that means I've reached my threshold of winter weather. If the snow and cold only lasted from December 1-January 31, I'd be a happy girl. Then why did I choose to move to Boston, of all places? I ask myself the same question every day. I'm so sick of wearing a bulky, Michelin Man-style coat every single day and have been desperate for ways to look cute in the cold all the while staying warm. The answer? Layers, my friends. Lots of 'em. 

A special thanks to Erica for snapping these pics!

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great day!

Girls Weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Girls Weekend!

I'm off to West Palm Beach this weekend with a few girlfriends and I could NOT. BE. MORE. EXCITED. For one, it's a whopping 19 degrees here in Boston. And two, who doesn't love the opportunity to let loose for a couple days in a warm climate? 

The outfit on the left is my casual-but-still-cute brunching/shopping/beach ensemble and the one on the right is clearly my out and about number. I've never worn a crop top but I did vow back in the spring to get my abs in shape in order to wear one. They're not necessarily in pristine shape but we'll give it a shot. I mean it's only an inch of skin, right? (I'll actually be shocked if I end up having the guts to wear it.)


What are your plans for the long weekend? Whatever they are, enjoy and I'll see everyone on Tuesday!


Golden Globes Recap -- The Good, The Bad, and the Downright UGLY!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Awards season -- the Superbowl of fashion. Except soo much more entertaining and worthwhile. And while I must admit that I didn't watch the entire show, (hello, Downton Abbey!) I made sure to tune into the red carpet special with my popcorn in hand and sparkling grape juice in the other. (It had been a rough night the night before... don't ask.)

Let's start off with the good. Jessica Alba was best dressed in my mind. She looked STUNNING in Oscar de la Renta. Hair? Perfect. Makeup? The ideal balance between glam and girl next door. So what if her clutch looked like you would use it to dust your grandmother's antiques, that Harry Winston necklace made you forget all about it.

I'm pretty sure everyone else would argue that Kate Hudson was best dressed. While she also looked beautiful and I love the idea of a belted dress, there was just something a bit off for me. Something a little too constricting about the neckline. Hm.

Next we have Sofia Vergara. Ugh -- another sequin mermaid number with a sweetheart neckline? YAWN.

Claire Danes. I'm still convinced she had some work done on her face within the last few years but THE WOMAN JUST HAD A BABY IN DECEMBER FOR GODS SAKE. What do these Hollywood starlets have in those Starbucks cups they're always running around with? Whatever it is, I need it and I need it fast. I can only hope to look this good BEFORE giving birth. Forget about one month after. Bitch.

Oh Jennifer Lawrence, you're so pretty but this dress is so terrible. I'm sure if there were any straight men watching the Globes last night they were only doing so because your dress looked one arm-raise away from taking a tumble down your chest.

At first glance I hated this Naeen Khan dress. But after seeing other pictures of it, I've changed my mind. And Nicole really looks great. See what a healthy weight does for a girl??

Another shocker -- JLo in something that almost shows her naughty bits. Although if I had a rockin' body like hers, I'd probably want to show it off too.

Stacy Kiebler in Armani Prive was slightly disappointing but then I remembered she gets to go home with George Clooney every night. Rock on with your bad self, Stace (can I call you Stace?) It doesn't matter what you wear, you're dating one of the most gorgeous men on earth.

Amy Adams + Marchesa = LOVE. Normally when one wears a dress that perfectly matches their skin tone, it's disastrous. Not so with this one. She perfectly topped it off with an old Hollywood glam hairdo. This is what the Globes is all about, my dears.

And because we started off with the best, why not end with the worst. I can't believe these words are about to come out of my mouth, but apparently even Monique Lhuillier makes mistakes sometimes. It looks like New Year's Eve threw up all over Julianne's wedding dress. WOOF.

So there you have it. My incredibly shallow take on last night's awards. Who would you vote best/worst dressed?


Cobalt, Black and White

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jacket: Zara (recent); Tee: Zara; Faux leather skinnies (dream pair HERE): H&M; Bag: Zara; Heels: Shoemint; Watch: Michael Kors

Finally! A post! Don't mind the disheveled backdrop for today's pictures. I had a small window before my new furniture was delivered (and truth be told it was FREEZING outside) so I decided to give you a little glimpse into my new (read: work in progress) apartment/life. Someday I will have it fully organized. Someday.

Now onto the outfit. I scored this cobalt beauty in the Zara sale right after Christmas and I've already worn it three times. I just love the unique cut of it. These leather skinnies have also been on repeat as of late. $35 for pants that look and feel amazing? Yes please! Now let's move onto the shoes... I grabbed these spur of the moment on Cyber Monday. I vowed I wouldn't do any shopping that day but let's be honest. That's like saying you won't eat any cookie dough while baking.

That's all for now!