Cobalt, Black and White

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jacket: Zara (recent); Tee: Zara; Faux leather skinnies (dream pair HERE): H&M; Bag: Zara; Heels: Shoemint; Watch: Michael Kors

Finally! A post! Don't mind the disheveled backdrop for today's pictures. I had a small window before my new furniture was delivered (and truth be told it was FREEZING outside) so I decided to give you a little glimpse into my new (read: work in progress) apartment/life. Someday I will have it fully organized. Someday.

Now onto the outfit. I scored this cobalt beauty in the Zara sale right after Christmas and I've already worn it three times. I just love the unique cut of it. These leather skinnies have also been on repeat as of late. $35 for pants that look and feel amazing? Yes please! Now let's move onto the shoes... I grabbed these spur of the moment on Cyber Monday. I vowed I wouldn't do any shopping that day but let's be honest. That's like saying you won't eat any cookie dough while baking.

That's all for now! 


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