Girls Weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Girls Weekend!

I'm off to West Palm Beach this weekend with a few girlfriends and I could NOT. BE. MORE. EXCITED. For one, it's a whopping 19 degrees here in Boston. And two, who doesn't love the opportunity to let loose for a couple days in a warm climate? 

The outfit on the left is my casual-but-still-cute brunching/shopping/beach ensemble and the one on the right is clearly my out and about number. I've never worn a crop top but I did vow back in the spring to get my abs in shape in order to wear one. They're not necessarily in pristine shape but we'll give it a shot. I mean it's only an inch of skin, right? (I'll actually be shocked if I end up having the guts to wear it.)


What are your plans for the long weekend? Whatever they are, enjoy and I'll see everyone on Tuesday!


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