City Living: Gust-O Blow Dry Bar

Thursday, February 28, 2013

What girl doesn't love a good blowout? No, not the God-awful Pauly D type of blowout. I'm talking about the type of blowout that puts a little extra pep in a girls step. The kind that makes you toss your hair around a little bit more and just makes you feel nothing short of fabulous. That's what the lovely folks at Gust-O Blow Dry Bar did for me last night. 

To say the weather was miserable would be an understatement. And after a long day of work, I couldn't WAIT to head to Newbury Street to be pampered and mingle with some other Boston bloggers. I was greeted with a glass of pink champagne and a Georgetown Cupcake (side note: most amazeballs cupcake I've ever encountered). Sara, my stylist, introduced herself and then I was swept off to be shampooed, conditioned and scalp massaged. Talk about relaxing. After a brief conversation about how I normally style my hair, Sara decided that she was going to give me a sexy, voluminous 'do. The finished product was exactly that. I couldn't WAIT to show it off.

Gust-O is located at 221 Newbury Street in Boston. Call 617-927-5451 or visit their website for an appointment! They have a large selection of blowouts and updos to fit any personality or occasion.


*I received a complimentary blowout during their Blogger Lounge party. All opinions are 100% my own*
617.927.5451#sthash.Y7vtbSHQ.dpufor visit their website for an appointment.


  1. Love the hair!

  2. your hair came out so nice! i loved meeting you! hope we can be blog friends and that i see you at another event soon!


  3. Your blow out really was amazing - of course, they had some good raw material to work with. You had the best 'do of the night, hands down.


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