At Home with Warby Parker

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Crosby" in Revolver Black

I've been putting off getting my eyes checked out for a while now. I think I'm in denial about this whole "aging" thing. So when I received an email from Warby Parker, I figured it was a sign from the eyesight Gods telling me it's time.

I've always loved how glasses looked on everyone else but never quite thought I could pull them off. I have no idea what shape looks good on me and I'm completely indecisive about whether to go with black or colored frames. Too many choices! Luckily Warby Parker as a "Home Try On" program where you can choose 5 pairs from their extensive collection to try out over the course of 5 days. They even pay for the shipping to and from your house. And they arrived in 2 days!

How did someone as indecisive as me narrow it down to 5 pairs, you ask? I utilized their "Virtual Try On" function as well. Simply upload a picture of yourself and voila, try on as many pairs as you'd like.

The best part? You can try on eyeglasses AND sunglasses. I wore them to work, brunch, and everywhere in between.

"Marshall" in Rum Cherry

"Tenley" Cat Eye in Midnight Blue

"Downing" Walnut Tortoise

"Appleton" Brushed Gold (MY FAVE!!)
 Which are your favorite? I'd love to hear your opinions! I'm still having a tough time deciding on the eyeglasses but I fell in love with the Appleton aviators. Now if only the sun would shine long enough to enjoy them!



  1. I love the Tenley and the Marshall!

  2. I would VERY highly recommend to anyone who needs new glasses. They sell bifocal, single, and even progressive lenses with affordable price, so they can accommodate you regardless of your prescription or needs.


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