Pops of Red

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jacket: Zara (old); Polka Dot Top: ASOS; Jeans: Gap; Sandals: Kelsi Dagger; Clutch: Michael Kors

Sometimes all a girl needs are some polka dots and a red lip to put the pep back in her step. Oh, and a little sunshine never hurts. 


A Liebster Award

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Right smack dab in the middle of the week from hell, I received one of the sweetest comments from a reader and fellow blogger Mariah. She nominated me for a fun Liebster Award -- a great way to find new blogs and get to know bloggers you already follow a bit more. I couldn't be happier to participate and can't wait to pass it along to my nominees!

Here are the questions:

1.) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging when I was working a very mundane desk job and desperately needed a creative outlet. At the time I was in a VERY corporate environment and couldn't even express myself through fashion. So nights and weekends were my time to dress however I wanted. I started to document my outfits and it grew from there.
2.) What kind of blog do you have?
My blog revolves mostly around fashion and trends, although I do post about food once in a while too. 
3.) What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I love being able to express myself through my clothes. I like to write the way I would talk to you in person and I think that really helps engage my readers. I also love the blogging community. I've met so many interesting women in the year and a half since I started my blog.
4.) If you had a super power what would it be?
I wish I could fly. How awesome would it be to up and fly to work in the morning (hello, never having to take public transportation EVER again!) Or zipping out of state to visit friends and family on a whim. Ugh, if only.
5.) Top five favorite songs at the moment?
"Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke 
"Last Love Song" by ZZ Ward 
"Lego House" by Ed Sheeran
"I Wish" by Skee-Lo
"The Weight" by The Band  
6.) City or country?
 Both! I grew up in a tiny town in Central New York and loved it. But always knew I needed to be in a city. That said, I still like to escape back to the country every few months and I totally plan to move to the 'burbs once I get married and have kids.
7.) Where would you most like to visit?
Someday I hope to explore all of Europe. 
8.) What are two of your goals for 2013?
My goal as a blogger is to get back to posting Monday through Friday. I also want to get involved with (or create) a foundation that mentors young girls. 
9.) Who is your style icon?
Jessica Alba & Kate Middleton. Half of my closet is dedicated to trends and the other half is simple and classic.
10.)  Top two favorite books you've recently read?
 I'm rereading The Great Gatsby in anticipation of the newest remake of it. I also just purchased Madame Chic and can't wait to dig in.
11.) Favorite beauty product and why?
Now according to the rules, I must choose my favorite bloggers to answer the questions above and then list 11 random facts about myself. So here goes:
Random Facts about me:
I'm the oldest (and wisest) of three children in my family. I'm also the shortest at 5'9".
In high school, one of my nicknames was Chewbacca because I had hairy arms. That I now wax.
I need something sweet after every savory meal I eat.
I was a two-sport NCAA athlete in college: volleyball & diving.
 I would love to live in another city before I "settle down" but I'm afraid I'd miss Boston too much.
I have arthritis in my right toes. Sexy, huh?
I'm kind of afraid of heights but I REALLY want to go skydiving.
I LOVE the ocean but had a scary experience body boarding in Hawaii and now I'm terrified of undertoe/drowning.
I also have an irrational fear of sinkholes.
 Fresh flowers in my apartment instantly put me in a good mood.
My family is the nuttiest group of people I know. And I adore them more than anything.



Boston, You're My Home.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I moved to this city over six years ago on a whim. And in those six years I've grown to feel an immense sense of pride for Boston. That pride is stronger than ever today. While my faith in humanity has wavered a bit, I do believe that there is far more good than evil out there -- and that good will prevail. 

A strange twist of fate kept me in the office yesterday and away from the finish line so I thankfully didn't witness yesterday's tragic and senseless events firsthand. But the horrific images are seared into my brain forever. Luckily, so are the images and stories of the heroes who ran toward the carnage instead of away. Like this man, who had experienced enough sadness for three lifetimes prior to yesterday, but ran to the aid of one of the seriously injured. And these people, who selflessly offered up their homes to displaced runners. It's hard to process exactly what went on yesterday and why. And how something like this could hit so close to my home away from home. But it's messages like these, that remind us that we are all Americans, united against darkness.

For those looking to help in any way they can, friends of mine have set up a donation fund for the victims. May we pray for those affected and hug our family and friends a little tighter today.

The Perfect Yellow Dress

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dress: c/o eShakti; Heels: Zara; Clutch: Mar Y Sol; Necklace, Rings & Bracelets: Stella & Dot

Wedding season is just around the corner. For me, that means not only having to find the perfect gifts for the new couple but also having to locate a unique dress to wear for their big day. So when eShakti contacted me to try out one of their completely customizable dresses, I jumped at the opportunity. Like your dresses a bit longer? Not a problem. Want your straps a bit thicker? You got it. At eShakti, your wish is their command. Just send your measurements along with your specific requests (spaghetti straps, sweetheart neckline, etc.) and they will ship you the item completely tailored to your specifications. How awesome is that?


Mad Men Style

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mad Men Style

Sooo I don't actually watch the show {yet} but I've always loved the glam, retro style that Mad Men embodies. So clean and polished. I also love that it's become incredibly mainstream as of late... Thank you, Banana Republic. My office is hosting a Mad Men style day tomorrow where all are encouraged to dress in their best Don Draper and Betty Francis get-ups. Should I go with the dress, neckerchief and gloves or the cropped pants, cat eye glasses and cardi set?

Outfit 1: TopMan Vest / Neil Barrett Shirt & Tie / TopMan Suit Pants / Black Penny Loafers / Salvatore Ferragamo Watch

Outfit 2: TopShop Jacquard Dress / Neckerchief / Tights / Lanvin Short Gloves / KORS Michael Kors Strappy Heel / Structured Bag / Red Lipstick

Outfit 3: J.Crew Cardigan, Shell, Cafe Capris / Kitten Heels / Cat Eye Glasses / Pearls