Mad Men Style

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mad Men Style

Sooo I don't actually watch the show {yet} but I've always loved the glam, retro style that Mad Men embodies. So clean and polished. I also love that it's become incredibly mainstream as of late... Thank you, Banana Republic. My office is hosting a Mad Men style day tomorrow where all are encouraged to dress in their best Don Draper and Betty Francis get-ups. Should I go with the dress, neckerchief and gloves or the cropped pants, cat eye glasses and cardi set?

Outfit 1: TopMan Vest / Neil Barrett Shirt & Tie / TopMan Suit Pants / Black Penny Loafers / Salvatore Ferragamo Watch

Outfit 2: TopShop Jacquard Dress / Neckerchief / Tights / Lanvin Short Gloves / KORS Michael Kors Strappy Heel / Structured Bag / Red Lipstick

Outfit 3: J.Crew Cardigan, Shell, Cafe Capris / Kitten Heels / Cat Eye Glasses / Pearls


  1. I love this dress! All of these looks are adorable. You have a wonderful sense of fashion!

  2. I think the second look, it's so fun (pics please! :) ).
    And oh my don't watch Mad Men?? All the seasons are on Netflix, you should start immediately. ;)

  3. I am one of the few who doesn't want this show... love that dress you chose!

    keep calm and go orange :) what year did you graduate? i was 2007


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