Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blazer: Zara; Bralet: F21; Pants: F21; Heels: DSW (old); Clutch: Alexander Wang

This is about as cropped as it gets for me, folks. And even this was a step outside of my comfort zone. While I envy girls who have the ability to rock this trend with complete confidence, there's just something weird about baring my belly button to the world (unless I'm on a beach, of course.) On the flip side, I really wanted to give cropped tops a try so I figured as long as I paired it with something high-waisted, I'd be golden. Do you wear crops? What are your personal rules around showing skin?



  1. I do not have the belly to pull of any cropped styles and its unfortunate because I definitely love them on other girls! I used to rock them all through high school (blame it on my Britney obsession) though!

    You look fab! I think you could pull it off even without the blazer!


  2. Love this look, you did cropped SO well! This is not a trend I typically partake in but I love seeing how others do, definitely a bit of inspiration :)


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