Foodie Friday!

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's come to my attention recently that I've been seriously neglecting the "Dish" portion of my blog's moniker. In full disclosure, the kitchen in my newish apartment makes Carrie Bradshaw's look like a palace (side note: yes, I also store shoes in my oven). This minor detail makes it pretty hard to whip up yummy looking meals to post without turning my kitchen into a war zone. But I do miss writing about food, one of my other favorite things besides fashion and shopping, so I've decided to incorporate posts about my favorite restaurants and hidden gems in and around the Boston area. Alas, Foodie Fridays were born.

First up -- RF O'Sullivan's in Somerville. My foodie partner in crime "J" mentioned this magical place to me and I had to go. With a list of burgers as long as the Charles, it was hard to narrow it down to the ones we really wanted to try.

Burger #1: The Chinatown. Teriyaki sauce slow simmered with your burger. Savory, salty, perfectly cooked, it was certainly delicious but the onion rings stole the show on this plate. You can SEE the grease on these bad boys... you KNOW they're going to be good when you can see the grease.

Burger #2: The Red Roasted Toasted. Succulent roasted red peppers absolutely drenched in creamy peppercorn dressing. You will need a bib and a pack of wet-naps for this one but it's totally worth the mess. Again, this one was perfectly cooked to a nice medium rare. Each burger had a good crust from the grill which is essential [in my humble opinion.]

And last but certainly not least: burger #3 or as I like to call the Holy Grail. AKA The Bourson Burger. A large dollop of homemade boursin cheese tops this beast. Garlicky, herby, I sopped up every last bit of the cheese with french fries, bits of bun, any vehicle I could get my hands on to transport it to my mouth.

Overall score for this place? A-
The burgers were consistently well cooked. The steak fries and onion rings were delicious so that leads me to believe other apps and sides would be too. The beers are large and the price is right. The place is on the small side but it has a cozy feel to it. I can totally see J and I tucked in a corner here come fall... me noshing on a plate of jalapeno poppers while he watches the football game. We'll definitely be back for sure.

Have you found the best burger in town? I'd love to hear your input (and obviously add it to my list of places to check out.)



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