I'm Baaaaack!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Well hellooo again! It's me, Lindsey. Remember me? That girl who used to blog about her outfits and general life experiences. It's been a solid four months since I've written and there sure have been a few exciting life experiences to catch you up on. Let's see, where should I start?

Hmm. Maybe I'll start with the fact that I got ENGAGED back in May! To the love of my life and best friend of almost six years. He surprised me with a family heirloom so beautiful that four months later I still can't keep my eyes off it. So far we've picked a date and a venue, and I found THE perfect dress. Bridesmaids shopping will take place this weekend, although I'm 99% sure I already know what I want them to wear (think mix & match, and don't worry I have a power point presentation to take to each appointment... psycho much? Yep.) I plan to share a few other details throughout the planning process so stay tuned!

Also, work has been nuts lately. I've been contributing to the Rue La La blog called The Style Guide since March, so any leftover creative juice has been dedicated to my weekly posts over there. We also had what felt like 57 weddings, bachelorette parties and showers to attend this summer (all fun, not complaining!) so between that and work and trying not to get sick, I haven't had a moment to post. And honestly haven't had the motivation. Still, no excuse to leave my friends over here hanging.

While my plan is to jump back into blogging full force, I know that might be setting myself up for failure. Anyone else who works in retail knows that we are about to head into Q4 aka holiday season. Which basically translates to "that time where all you do is work, eat, and sleep, but only if you're really lucky." So wish me luck! And I'll be sure to update when I can.

In other fun news, BostInno did a little writeup on what's inside my closet today. Check it out here

See you again soon!